BI Analyst Training

Our Business Intelligence training program ranges from basic to advanced level concepts for those hoping to pursue a career as a Business Intelligence Analyst or Expert. This course involves teaching students how to collect, analyze, and interpret data as well as, how to plan and manage data, databases, warehousing, and data mining.

Course Summary

In this course, you will learn vital key features and components of business intelligence, this course is very helpful for those people who are seeking business intelligence knowledge to increase their skills.


  • Accredited Training Material

  • High Exam Pass Rate

  • Accredited Trainers

  • Course Training Manual & CD’s


  • Overview of Business intelligence concepts
  • Design dashboard and reports
  • Architecture and process
  • Governance
  • Understanding data
  • Processing of data
  • Strategic decision making
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Cloud and big data
  • Data science
  • Business intelligence analyst career path