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How is automation testing done?2019-07-17T05:48:48+00:00

Automation testing is a software testing technique to check and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. this may be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and different testing tasks which are tough to perform manually.

What is business systems analyst?2019-07-17T05:48:11+00:00

The business systems analyst is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software systems development part, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

What is the role of business systems analyst?2020-01-14T09:20:19+00:00

Business Systems Analyst Job Duties: Determines operational objectives by studying business functions; gathering information; evaluating output requirements and formats. Prepares technical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends. We are pride to provide business analyst training and placement well.

Mention the different types of software testing (ST)?2019-07-17T05:46:55+00:00

1)Unit testing, 2)Integration testing, and regression testing, 3)Shakeout testing, 4)Smoke testing, 5)Functional testing, 6)Performance testing, 7)White box and Black box testing, 8)Alpha and Beta testing, 9)Load testing and stress testing, 10)System testing.

What is Testware?2019-07-17T05:46:20+00:00

Testware is testing artifacts like test data, test cases, test plans needed to design and execute a test.

Why do you want to be a quality assurance?2019-07-17T05:45:40+00:00

Quality assurance (QA) is a very important department inside companies across a variety of industries. whether you’re working in computers and software, health care, or client service, there’s usually an assigned team of people who ensure that customers receive quality service and products that meet their needs.

What is feasibility study?2019-07-17T05:43:09+00:00

The requirements and problems of the Business project should be studied and understood by a BA Training NJ and he should set a scope for the business problem. The feasibility study is identifying the possible success rate of the proposed idea for a business problem. It helps to identify new opportunities and focus on the project.

List the core competencies of business analyst.2019-07-17T05:42:27+00:00

1)Analytical thinking & Decision making, 2)Business & Industry knowledge, 3)Business process management, 4)Technical & Soft skills, 5)Problem-solving & Negotiation skills

List out the documents that are used by a Business Analysis in a Project?2019-07-17T05:41:47+00:00

As a Business Analyst, we deal with various documents like Functional Specification document, Business requirement document, Technical Specification document, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Use case diagram, etc.

What are the different tools used in business analysis?2019-07-17T05:41:09+00:00

MS Office, SQL, Blueprint, Python, QlikView, Tableau, Axure

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