The Business Architect

As a business architect, you’ll design the structure of the junior business analyst jobs as a whole by looking broadly speaking at systems design and needs. Your aim is to boost the business’ operations in line with goals and strategy. Architects do that by theorizing and testing the elements of a system the technology, the flow of work, the deliverables and overseeing the implementation of the systems by somebody in a batraining role.

junior business analyst jobs

Architecture Design

The purpose of this document is to provide an architectural style for online Music CD Store. The design will show the presentation tier, the center tier, composing of class and sequence diagrams, and the data tier. Each class will have a brief description of its purpose.

Business Architect

As an analyst, you spend your day planning your organization’s processes, mensuration their performance and ironing out the fine details. You target the “how”. You’re superb at it, however, maybe you’re more interested in the “what”? If you want to move past the nitty-gritty of processes and devise end-to-end models and techniques instead, then you’re looking build the leap to the business architect.

The architecture of the system

The architecture of the system relies on a three-tier architecture. There are 3 logical tiers: the Presentation Tier, the Business Tier, and also the information Tier. The presentation tier is responsible for displaying the content to the user whereas batraining communicates between presentation tier and data tier, for example receiving the search request for the product and passing it to the database and submitting the results back to presentation tier for show, or displaying the cart empty message when there’s no product within the cart. It’s the main component of the web site since it’s responsible for handling the logic. The data tier is responsible for storing the product info, transactions of the client and shopping cart product. The data tier is also responsible for handling the requests from the junior business analyst jobs tier and using keep procedures passing the result back.